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  Jacob Howard de9f31f70c Updated examples in response to npm audit. 1 week ago
  Jacob Howard bba507936f Updated README links for migration to travis-ci.com. 1 week ago
  Jacob Howard 41d6e90bb3 Bumped Travis CI to Go version 1.15.2. 2 weeks ago
  Jacob Howard d38e36e453 Bumped version to v0.12.0-beta2. 2 weeks ago
  Jacob Howard 990dfc2945 Switched transport process termination to use SIGTERM on POSIX. 2 weeks ago
  Jacob Howard 74f29ac542 Bumped Travis CI to Go version 1.15.2. 1 month ago
  Jacob Howard c9ce52f27c Updated container provisioning script to use v0.11.7. 1 month ago
  Jacob Howard be5075470d Bumped Travis CI to Go version 1.14.7. 1 month ago
  Jacob Howard b747c13c8a Fixed URL in Compose web-go README. 1 month ago
  Jacob Howard 496f986b23 Improved example instructions. 1 month ago
  Jacob Howard 25adf96285 Updated example README files. 1 month ago
  Jacob Howard 07d874a84a Updated examples for release of Compose support. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 644a24ff23 Bumped version to v0.12.0-beta1. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 484ffc068a Fixed typo and regenerated Protocol Buffers code. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 353a76990e Bumped version to v0.12.0-alpha3. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 681dd8e28a Disabled Mutagen service scaling via up's --scale flag. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard b78ff7bee8 Switched compose pause/unpause commands to passthroughs. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard eec242359e Added resume operation to reconcileSessions. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 2c06b94591 Bumped Travis CI to Go version 1.14.6. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 3b66efffe0 Updated container provisioning script to use v0.11.6. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 3c113b22a2 Expanded EINTR handling based on Go 1.15 changes. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 8bd313dbfc Disabled support for netbsd/arm64 and openbsd/arm64. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard f5d157feb3 Updated build script for Go 1.15 and Apple Silicon transition. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard d9321891e6 Updated build script targets and comments. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 397aa8e6ef Bumped version to v0.12.0-alpha2. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 14710e3c7a Updated Mutagen command description. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard ba167eba29 Added link to Windows CTRL-C handling documentation. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard be2319a7f1 Fixed loading of Docker Compose volumes and networks. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 113c578ea4 Suspended SIGINT handling while Docker Compose is running. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 8eba87bbae Refactored and extracted Compose YAML loading code. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard fc418930a5 Clarified session type in empty listings. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 7d4e44d786 Added comment about why we don't validate Compose file versions. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 8a8a81acfa Changed the way default networks are handled in compose package. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard a37da9d750 Cleaned up network/volume definition checks. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 13223ccfc9 Simplified Docker Compose YAML configuration loading. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard ec4b40ed03 Switched to more idiomatic YAML absence check. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 610b55032e Added clarification on handling of YAML document interpolation. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 12afdf800a Updated gopkg.in/yaml.v3 dependency. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard f255ab7853 Excluded legacy root sync commands from autocompletion. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 4be465db02 Added missing _test.go files and made test TODOs more consistent. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard e8a16cff67 Updated Mutagen sidecar container image name. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 41d1dc5065 Updated container provisioning script to use v0.11.5. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 0a4e9d123d Cleaned up Travis CI configuration file. 2 months ago
  Jacob Howard 03f2d5f5e2 Bumped version to v0.12.0-alpha1. 3 months ago
  Jacob Howard 2ca94c9699 Added conflict and problem truncation in list. 3 months ago
  Jacob Howard 2773fe50a0 Regenerated Protocol Buffers code. 3 months ago
  Jacob Howard 7277d61c60 Shortened/clarified comment. 3 months ago
  Jacob Howard 6e302bbe66 Went code golfing on the new prompting code. 3 months ago
  Jacob Howard fc0641a420 Removed color from experimental labels. 3 months ago
  Jacob Howard 049b79e1a5 Extended shell completion script generator. 3 months ago